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Monday, March 31, 2014

TV Dads

...from, this expresses succinctly how I feel about the way television portrays men, especially fathers. Have you ever seen those cleaning commercials where "derp derp daddy can't clean the house 'cause he's dumb" and mom has to come to the rescue? How about "derp derp daddy can't cook so here's a tv dinner or some pizza." Annoying as hell.

That 00's Show

from Cheezburger

Monday, March 24, 2014

Macroeconomics As Simple as Possible

Let's say you have a nation of 3 people. There's 3 dollars in currency between them.

Person 1 buys from Person 2. Person 2 buys from Person 3. Person 4 buys from Person 1.

In this scenario, you have a circular economy.

If there is one set of transactions among them in a year, the Gross Domestic Product is $3.

If there are two sets of transactions (money goes around twice, each person buys two things) among them in a year, the Gross Domestic Product is $6. The supply of money hasn't changed, only the rate - or velocity - it traveled from one hand to another.

If in one year, person #3 decides to keep all the money he receives, he will have $3 and the others will have none. His wealth will increase, theirs will decrease. The GDP will fall to zero. If he holds those $3 for a year, his wealth stagnates. Conversely, if he had bought items, then while he may never have had $3 in cash, his wealth would be higher as he could have purchased things with the money going through his hands, even things totaling more than $3. Thus, it is in his better interests to have spent that money than held onto it.

Having the $3 is great, as you can afford to buy $3 worth of products at that moment.

However, if he had spent it during the course of a year with four transactions (and a GDP of $12), he could have purchased $4 worth of merchandise, instead of $3.

Thus, it is in the best interests of the wealthy to spend their wealth on those who return it to them: their customers and employees.

Government involvement: some claim you should lower taxes when the economy goes bad, others increase taxes. The rationale behind the latter is that if you tell Person 3 "you owe me a dollar" and then spend that dollar on Person One, who then spends it on Person Two, it still ends up in the pocket of Person Three, all while making sure that the economy doesn't collapse.

The wealthy rely upon the 'rest of us' to buy their products and services, for those services to exist. Without us being able to do so, their wealth is is meaningless.

For instance: if the middle class collapses and there aren't enough people to support the automobile industry, the wealthy will not be able to sell or even buy vehicles, as the richest 1% cannot sustain the industry alone.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Me 2014

Yes, jumping on the 'selfie' train, mostly because I'm usually the one taking 
the pictures, and not the one people take pictures of. Bastahds. 

Yup, this was in a bathroom. 

Umm Gross

This is really not what you want to find in a public restroom.

Winter in Portland

Took these a few weeks ago during a snow storm, but never uploaded them from my phone. D'oh.



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Empire Explained

So how is the Empire rife with Rebel sympathizers, yet still under the Control of Vader and the Emperor?

Let's say Superman takes over the White House one day, deposes the government, and declares himself Ruler.

Who is going to stop him?

So everyone in the government does what they can to overthrow or undermine him, without getting themselves killed, while still doing everything Superman wants. Maybe they convince Superman that they need to spend their entire military budget on a huge weapon that can't be moved from the factory. Maybe they convince His Excellency that an army of lightly armored dune buggies is a better weapon than a bunch of Abrams tanks. And once Superman has actually been killed by something, somehow, they all go back to work for the Republic.

Basically, the Emperor and Vader WERE the Empire, and they were dumb. They used The Force to get their way, were easily manipulated by their underlings, and once they were gone, there was no reason for the rest of the Empire to exist.

This also explains the one guy at the beginning of Episode 3 that ends up getting choked by Vader. He acted the way he would when Vader and the Emperor weren't around, possibly having forgotten why Vader was in power in the first place. Apparently his staff needs frequent reminders.

Puts things in a new perspective, right? You don't have this big, powerful Empire that is destined to destroy this rag-tag group of Rebels, you have a well-armed, well-stocked Republic doing everything in it's power to simultaneously appease a near-God while trying to figure out a way to kill him and minimize the damages caused.